Reel Change is up!

Posted: September 20, 2010 in News and Updates

Thank you for your interest in Reel Change, Inc. We have received our 501 (C) (3) status (verify here)in 2010 and are currently in the very preliminary stages of setting up our organization. Reel Change is funded ENTIRELY by donations.

As film makers, our focus lies on finding and telling stories. However it is the amalgamation of various experienced individuals comprising of our board, and impassioned donors (in the form of corporate sponsors as well as individuals) that makes Reel Change possible.

Please learn more about us and our efforts through our website, blog, our social media stamps (facebook, twitter, youtube) and help us make a difference!

  • MISSION STATEMENT: Learn how the power of film can change the world
  • BOARD: We have a very diverse, experienced and knowledgeable board and you can find out a little bit about everyone here.
  • PROJECTS: Starting in 2010, we have already completed a project for Heartside Ministry, filmed a pilot in Thailand for a project called Human Nature, and are currently working hard in securing a 5 acre land plot in Western Africa for the construction of a school, hospital, and various social enrichment facilities. Learn more about projects here.
  • DONATE: Reel Change is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization operating in California and is 100% funded by donors. Support a cause you believe in, please help us make a difference in the world.

We hope you take the time to learn more about our organization and our slate of projects.


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